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My property is neat, tidy and clean. Will your fitters clean up after themselves?

Our track fitters:

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What happens if your fitters damage something?

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I have had curtains/poles/tracks fitted badly by another company. Can you put this right?

It largely depends on what has been done. Our first advice would be to contact the company/fitter who undertook the original job and explain to them why you're not happy with what they've done. Ask them to refit the original work.

If you wanted us to refit we would:

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My bespoke curtains were the perfect length when first hung, but now they are draping on the floor. Why is this?

Anything made of fabric can change for a number of different reasons. Fabrics are woven - some have a looser weave than others and may stretch when hung. Fabrics that contain a high proportion of natural fibres such as cotton and linen are particularly susceptible to changes in the atmosphere. Linen will stretch if it is hung in a damp atmosphere. It will also tend to shrink if hung in very dry conditions. The extent of these changes is impossible to predict. The best way to avoid any changes is to ensure that the fabrics being used in your home are as stable as possible. Discuss this with your interior designer, or curtain maker.
If your curtains have moved in situ, we can:

It is worth noting that typically it's a good idea to let the curtains sit in the environment in which they will be used for a few days or even weeks before making adjustments as it takes time for the material to acclimatise.

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My ceilings/the windows/the floors are not straight. How do you deal with this situation when putting up poles?

It depends entirely on the situation we are dealing with and the overall look of the property or room in which there is such an issue. We would discuss any problems with you before we fitted the track/pole.

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